Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Time to have your feet checked...

Figure 1

The Framingham Foot Study has released data that shows a relationship between having flat feet and knee pain.  If you, or a family member, has flat feet and knee pain - we may be able to help!  Give use a call to schedule your evaluation! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Say "GOODBYE" to your funky toenails...

You DON'T have to live with yellow toenails any longer!

Do you have nails that are yellow, brittle and/or thickening?  If so, it is likely that you have a fungal nail infection.  Although there are other causes of nail discoloration and thickening (Psoriasis, Previous injury to the nail) the primary cause is fungus within the nail.  There are several treatment options for this condition including oral Lamisil, topical Jublia or topical ClearNails Pro.   Additionally we recommend taking the vitamin supplement Biotin and using a shoe sanitizing spray to prevent reoccurrence of the condition.  

Call our office or send an appointment request through our website to have your nails evaluated!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

UK basketball player Derek Willis suffers severe lateral ankle sprain

What a terrible, tough loss!  First off, what's up with giving Isaac Humphries a Technical Foul?  What a TERRIBLE call.  Even worse for CATS and the BBN is the injury to Junior Forward Derek Willis.  Willis suffered a lateral ankle sprain in the game and had to be helped off the court. According to reports he did not suffer a fracture/break but does have a severe ankle sprain, and the online pictures of his ankle (from Derek's Twitter account) look pretty painful.  On a positive note, he is fortunate that he did not suffer a Jones fracture (a relatively common fracture of the bone on the outside of foot that can happen as a result of "rolling" the ankle).

At Bluegrass Regional Foot and Ankle we treat athletes and non-athletes (like me) who have injured their ankle.  If you have an ankle injury, it's important to:

1. Ice your ankle every 2-3 hours for the first 72 hours
2. Elevate your leg to reduce swelling
3. Apply an ACE wrap around your ankle
4. Use crutches
5. Make an appointment with Bluegrass Regional Foot and Ankle for a full evaluation

It's important to have an exam and XRAY of your foot and ankle to rule out a fracture, for referral to Physical Therapy and to get you back on your feet ASAP!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

FALLS - The leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in senior adults

  • 1 out of 3 senior adults fall each year - less then half talk to their healthcare providers about it
  • 2.5 million senior adults have nonfatal falls treated in the ER annually, more then 734,000 patients are hospitalized
  • Over 25,000 senior adults die annually from accidental falls injuries
  • Over 95% of the 258,000 hip fractures treated annually are caused by falls


Many falls can be prevented!

Prevention starts with implementing a plan of action!

Bluegrass Regional Foot and Ankle performs comprehensive Fall Risk Assessments and can provide you or your loved one a plan to PREVENT FALLS!

Call TODAY to Schedule an Appointment

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Be careful where you step... Peripheral neuropathy and foreign bodies

Foreign Body (Dog Hair) in foot
Having practiced exclusively in the specialty of podiatry since 2000, I have had the opportunity to remove many foreign objects from my patients' feet.  From broken glass to toothpicks, on one occasion a beer bottle cap and most recently dog hair.  I was amazed to find that hair could penetrate the skin on the bottom of the foot.  Many of the patients that I care for have a form of peripheral neuropathy.  The symptoms of this condition are burning, stinging, and ultimately decreased sensation in their feet and legs.  In the past, there were not many treatment options but that has changed!  There are several medications that can help decrease the pain and there are even medications/supplements that may REVERSE the neuropathy.  It is highly important to diagnose the neuropathy as early as possible and we are doing this with a simple ENFD skin biopsy performed in our office.  Call us today if you or your loved one may be suffering from neuropathy...or if you have dog hair in your foot   :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ditch the Stench....For Good!


I was out running and a dark cloud came overhead dumping buckets of rain all over me, soaking my Brooks running shoes and custom orthotics.  I got home, used the hair dryer to dry out my shoes/orthotics and treated them with Clean Sweep shoe guard.  Clean Sweep is a nano silver spray that applies a clear coating when sprayed inside shoes and on orthotics.  This products kills bacteria, fungus and molds that cause TERRIBLE shoe odor!  I have invested hundreds of dollars into quality running shoes/orthotics and want to protect them from SMELLY SHOE FUNK.  These products are amazing at STOPPING the SMELL as well as PREVENTING the BACTERIA/FUNGUS from growing!  You can purchase this product from our London or Nicholasville office.